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next at 9:00 a heroic comeback falls short at superbowl. we'll show you what went right and wrong for the niners. >> and power went out. what authorities are saying about the electrical error that seemed to shift the momentum for the 49ers. >> and rainy days are ahead. meteorologist leigh glaser fills us in the possi
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>> and the ravens have won it! 34-31. >> but the niners did fight back, but the 22-point comeback proved to be too large. they lost by three points. they certainly played well. i'm ama daetz. >> dan: i'm dan ashley. we're live above mission district. the city is quite tame after this loss. police have been called to a few distinction but at this point no significant problems. >> ama: 49er fans were brace to
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go celebrated after an amazing come back in the third quarter. sky7hd caught two incidents of fireworks being set off in the mission district. >> dan: there were a number of arrests but no reports of major problems. tomas ramon is in north beach live where big crowds packed bars. they left with a different mood than they had hoped to leave with. >> they left a lot more somber than when they arrived. it's pretty quiet. police that were stationed are sent to other potential problem areas in the city. let me give you a look about an hour ago. >> they were called out to the sported bar because of rowdy behavior around 7:00. more than 20 officers took up positions in the area. a contingent of 8 motor officers kept a close eye on the club in case things got out 6 a hand.
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as a result police were deployed to strategic areas on broadway and columbus. instead the game with a 49er loss. it could be seen on the fans leaving the bar after the game. they left quietly and from all appearances severely disappointed. they reduced their presence after it became evident there was not going to be any trouble here. they are still patrolling the area. back here live the club is basically empty right now and so is broadway. all the way down to columbus. police are still driving through some motorcycle officers a few minutes ago patrolling the area just in case if anything were to flare-up here. >> dan: police seemed very well
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prepared for tonight. >> ama: rick kwan with some of the highlights of the game and for the 49ers in the second half there were highlights. >> they were about to pull it out. a wild superbowl 47 which featured a 34 minute power outage and great second half come back. it was brother versus brother. flacco gets them on the board first with a strike, 7-0 ravens. james fumble, he takes ravens 75 yards and touchdown, 14-3. next possession, kaepernick is the first one to throw an interception in the superbowl. a brawl ensued. late in the first half, third and ten, flacco finds jones behind the defense. none touches him and he scores 56-yard score.
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it was 21-6 at the half. baltimore, opened with a bang, gentleman could but jones and brings it 108 yards. ravens were threatening to blow it open. the power surge delayed the game for 34 minutes. then the niners finally find the end zone. to crabtree to bounces off of a pair of defenders. and frank gore gets in for the td. he had 110 yards rushing. it was 28-20. then kaepernick made history with the longest rushing touchdown, 15 yards then the 2 point conversion. and then kaepernick to cab tree but no flag. ravens hang on to win, 34-31. flacco was named the game's most
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valuable player. you see some of the stats, 2787 yards pass ought game. all three touchdown passes came in the first half. kaepernick threw for one touchdown but let's hear from the 49ers. >> the offense and defense, special teams, especially in the first half. they just made the plays and we didn't. >> none of us felt not confident like we were going to make that come down to the end. i knew our football team -- it was unfortunate we came up a little short. >> i know the team is hurting right now but the future looks very bright. >> and as john harbaugh, this team is going to be around a long time. >> except for randy moss everybody should be back next year. >> dan: let's go back to the power outage. it clay the game for half an
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hour. a power surge shut out the lights. there was still some left on in the superdome but not enough to play. police said there was too much power being pumped into the superdome. they have not confirmed what caused it. 35 minutes later the game continued. niners are no stranger to power outages. member candlestick park blacked out on monday night football. pg&e says a transformer blew and delayed start of the game. >> ama: reporter wayne freedman is in the superdome now. wayne, what is the mood following the game? we played well but we did lose tonight. >> we're standing in plates where i watched most of game. if you wander around you can find a perch. that end zone down there, that is where all the fireworks took place in the third quarter.
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for a while here, this place was bedlam. it didn't last. you are looking a lot of baltimore raven fans, not nearly as many as there were 20 minutes ago. it's reminiscent when the giants won the world series in detroit. same kind of scene. singing and celebrating and taking pictures. taking videos, sending tweets to each other. not wanting to let the moment end. you really can't blame them they have won the superbowl as anybody has remembered. then a 35 minute blackout, frankly a lot of 49er fans thought it was an omen that the niners would turn around and do something with it. and they did. just didn't do quite enough, but from here in the superdome, a feeling from everyone, both niner fans and baltimore fans they have seen something every
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superbowl is historic but even more historic than most. just a game for the ages, not just the brother element but the fact we had two games. first half with baltimore. we had a second half with the niners charged back. a lot of people walking out here tonight, wait until next year, those are niner fans talking. >> ama: thank you so much. we have entire news team in new orleans. >> dan: we're live over baltimore right now. this is live in baltimore. this is the scene we hoped to see in san francisco. fans celebrating a big victory. we don't know if there is any problems in baltimore. >> ama: people jumping around. >> dan: this is what we thought we would be showing here. congratulations to the ravens they played a good game.
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>> ama: we do have entire news team in new orleans which including larry beil and mike shumann. they will bring us more at 11:00. >> dan: stay right here. as we continued navy seal sniper with 150 confirmed kills have been shot to death. what they are saying about the man suspected of killing him. >> how authorities in london responded. >> and new technology could help establish a colony on the moon. new approach being looked at by scientists. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. looks like our dry weather looks like our dry weather pattern ends this up coming [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories.
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>> ama: police had to taser a man outside buckingham palace today. police said he sliced at them with the knife. they tasered the man and cuffed him. he will undergo an evaluation. >> dan: european scientists believe they have a way to efficiently build a colony on the moon. members of the european space agency they can use 3-d technology to build facilities. it uses layers of material to re-create a digital image. they can gather it from the moon so they don't to have ship costly materials to the moon. they have started tests to sim ui light conditions on the moon. >> a former navy seal was shot and killed by a fellow veteran. what authorities are saying led to the sudden shooting and what the famous seal said when asked about the gun control plan.
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>> and we could see some rain in the area. leigh glaser will explain when coming up with the accu-weather forecast. >> i'm rick kwan. more highlights from superbowl. more highlights from superbowl. 49ers come up short. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show
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>> ama: the man accused of killing one of the most skilled snipers in history was a war veteran. he was killed along with a friend. officers arrested a former marine, 25-year-old after a police chase. they believe the two victims
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were trying to mentor the young vet who may have been suffering from ptsd. >> the president has called on the boy scouts of america to open its membership to gays and lesbians. the president said today the boy scouts are a great institution which gives young people lifelong leadership training and opportunities. he wants to see those opportunities open to everyone. the boy scouts announced last week it would consider a ban on gays with a policy to let local troop leaders and sponsors decide for themselves. >> ama: and stretch of nice dry weather may be ending. >> dan: leigh glaser is here. >> it looks like the rain will hold off through the latter part of the week. we'll get you out monday and tuesday with no run a and get ready for a colder air mass. live doppler 7-hd showing you no moisture out there, but it is picking up on quite a bit of high cloudiness is streaming
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south. low clouds and fog off the coastguard so a little bit of that westerly wind push and all of that is going to move in overnight. yes, it will be with you for that monday morning commute. it is getting chilly out there. 44 at this hour in napa. 45 in santa rosa. 50 in san francisco. we're seeing a little bit of overcast in livermore. 50 in san jose and half moon bay don't be surprised to see fog tomorrow morning. 45 degrees. low clouds and fog overnight. midday clearing for your monday. monday afternoon should be sunny. tuesday will be sunny and the clouds thicken up bringing a chance of rain returning to the bay area as we led heed to the latter part of our workweek. lows, widespread mid to low 40s near san francisco and oakland. all the way down the peninsula toward san jose, san jose 41
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overnight low but in the north bay as well as the east bay interior valley areas we see a little bit of clear spots, i napa getting down to 48 degrees. it will be cool in the interior east and north bay valley areasa string of nice, dry mild days. it will be with us for two more days and it's keeping the rain with the storm track north of us. as we head into wednesday, all of this will collapse to the south and that will open the door to cooler air mass as well as a cold front that will bring us rain on thursday. monday morning, 5:00 a.m., you can see the low clouds and fog moving into the valley areas. it doesn't hang out too terribly long, by midday, sunshine and translated to nice temperatures. here they are. 63 santa rosa. mid to low 60s in the east bay, concord and antioch in the low 60s. 58 for san francisco and we'll look for salinas, 63 degrees. seven-day forecast, the real
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change will come on wednesday, thickening clouds, cooler temperatures and rain likely for us on thursday. cold showers on friday. check out temperatures, only in the mid-50s and we dry out next weekend. >> dan: breaking news live over baltimore tonight, ravens, of course, have won the superbowl. there are now problems developing it looks like in the city. baltimore fans have streamed down as you look at a live picture and surrounded cars in the street. >> ama: hopefully the city is as prepared as ours was. we're keeping an eye on that. >> dan: in the meantime, let's go to rick with all the sports. it's disappointing but a great game. >> it was a fun game to watch. superbowl was a tale of two halves, as baltimore dominated the first 30 minutes and niners made a comeback.
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john versus jim, joe flacco a 13-yard touched, 7-0 ravens. 49ers were dragging but james gets stripped and baltimore recovers with a loose ball. flacco takes the ravens 75 yards. 14-3. next, san francisco possession, kaepernick is the first niner to throw and interception in a superbowl. then late in the first half, flacco airs it out to wide open jones, no one touches him. he goes 56 yards, third touchdown, 21-6 at the half. jones take the kickoff and goes all the way 108 yards, tying the all-time record, 28-6 ravens. then power surge delayed the
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game 34 minutes. then they find the end zone, kaepernick to crabtree, after 49er stop, frank gore and 28-20. baltimore looking to stop the bleeding but rice has the ball knocked loose by brown. niners back in business. david akers wound up kicking a 34-yard field goal. 28-23. fourth quarter, ka per nick. -- kaepernick goes 15 yards. and 2-point conversion made then to the ravens seven yard line. 49ers can't punch it in. kaepernick to crabtree and the pass falls incomplete. jim harbaugh thought there
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should have been a holding penalty but nothing was called. vens hang on to win, 34-31 and joe flacco was named the game's mvp. kaepernick for 302 yards and a pick. heartbreaking loss. we back to new orleans where vernon davis spoke to the media. >> i thought we won this game. we started making plays. defense got the turnover. we had a great drive. at that moment, i said we got this. i got this. all we have to do is get the ball back in our hands and we can make it happen. i'm not disappointed at all just about losing this game. >> it feels good. i would like to be more profound. it feels like ray said it would feel. all the guys that worked so hard and stuck together and difficulties and maintained
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faith, it feels like they got what they deserve. >> it's pretty cool. it was like it was all for us. it definitely felt good. >> what a game. >> what a game. niners [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen.
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